Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting a yoga event to benefit Magic's Mission, a hound dog rescue. 

Oliver, three months old, ready for a home.

Oliver, three months old, ready for a home.

I am the proud owner of three rescue pets. I've acquired them over the years through various channels, and they are everything to me. Truly valued members of my family. Cats: Andre & Linda, and a dog Malik.

You may recognize Malik as he has modeled for several of our social media posts. He's just so damn handsome. And a good boy.

If you are considering adoption check out Magic's Mission.

Peg's Hardware

Jewelry designer Gretchen Meyers Wochensky of Peg's Hardware shot some brand photos at GEORGETTE. She assembled a team consisting of photographer Al Wochensky, make-up artist and hairstylist Cassandra Lyons, stylist Cassie Rose, and GEORGETTE's in-house stylist Jack Wrafter.