Our first wedding at the space. Since we started in late February we thought we missed the 2018 wedding season. But, if you have a team like Tara and Jeff, that's plenty of time to plan your day. 

It was pretty amazing to see the couple and a handful of their closets friends and family come together to plan and execute this intimate event.  Their team was with them the whole way, from choosing the space, to decorations and florals (or succulents in this case), and everything else. They decided on casual faire from Private Knives, who killed it with the food and the display. 

The intimate ceremony was held upstairs and officiated by a close friend of the couple. The reception was held in both the upstairs indoor space, where a two piece band played all the 90s hits, and the outdoor space. Enjoy some of these snaps from the celebration. 

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Yesterday we had the pleasure of hosting a yoga event to benefit Magic's Mission, a hound dog rescue. 

Oliver, three months old, ready for a home.

Oliver, three months old, ready for a home.

I am the proud owner of three rescue pets. I've acquired them over the years through various channels, and they are everything to me. Truly valued members of my family. Cats: Andre & Linda, and a dog Malik.

You may recognize Malik as he has modeled for several of our social media posts. He's just so damn handsome. And a good boy.

If you are considering adoption check out Magic's Mission.